Iron Oxide Yellow 313 for paint industry
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Iron Oxide,Iron Oxide Yellow,Iron Oxide Yellow 313

Iron Oxide yellow 313 for paint industry

Molecular Formula: Fe2O3·H2O

Chemical class: Synthetic Iron Oxide 
Mode: 313
Standard GB/T 1863-2008
CAS (CAS Number): 51274-00-1
HS Code 2821100000
Delivery Form: Powder
Discription Iron Oxide Yellow 313 has excellent physical and chemical properties. It is a non-toxic environment-friendly pigment with strong covering power, high tinting strength, soft color, stable performance, alkali-resistant ability, a certain degree of stability towards weak acid and dilute acid and high performance in light resistance and weather fastness. It is insoluble in water and has excellent anti-rust and UV protection functions. 
Specification Items Test result
Water-soluble content[%] ≦ 0.5
Sieve residue(0.045mm sieve )[%] ≦ 0.1
PH value 3.5~7
Fe2O3 content ≧ 86
Loss on ignition at 1000℃,0.5h[%] ≦ 14
Volatile Matter at 105℃[%] ≦   1.0
Moisture content(after production)[%] ≦ 0.5
Particle shape acicular
Predominant Particle size[μm] 0.1*0.7
Oil absorption[g/100g] 15~25
Tamped density[g/ml] 0.4~0.8
Density[g/ml] 4.0
Tinting strength 95~105
Aberration(ΔE)% ≦ 1.0
Applications: It is widely used for the coloring of paint, rubber, plastics, building materials, ceramics and enamels, precision metal instruments, optical glass, stationery, leather, magnetic alloys and advanced alloy steel.
Packaging Format: The product is available in compound kraft bag or PP bag.
Storage Protect against weathering. Store in a dry place and avoid extreme fluctuations in temperature. Close bags after use to avoid absorption of moisture and contamination.

Our Iron Oxide Yellow 313 owns very good fineness and tinting strength.So it’s widely used in kinds of paints as pigment.Any questions or requests you500vip彩票安卓手机版 may have,kindly contact500vip彩票安卓手机版 without hesitate.Our contact information:

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